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CONFERENCE: Exploring the web of morality

Next June 2 at 15:00 (3:00 PM), in the room AA3.24, Autonomous Wing Building of Iscte, as part of the Lectures in Psychology Or in Other Social Sciences and Humanities of the Doctoral Program in Psychology, Dr Melanie Vauclair from Iscte, will give a talk titled Exploring the web of morality: Unveiling the socioecological psychology of moral vitalism, expansiveness, and attitudes.

© 2016 Cléo Gérard | Pixabay


Morality, i.e. the principles that guide our understanding of right and wrong, is a somewhat elusive, but multifaceted concept. Most importantly, it can create divisions within and between societies. This talk aims to delve into three key dimensions within the wider web of morality: moral vitalism, moral expansiveness, and moral attitudes.

Moral vitalism concerns the metaphysical belief system surrounding good and evil forces in the world. Moral expansiveness refers to the size of our moral circle, determining who and what we deem worthy of moral concern. Lastly, moral attitudes are the subjective judgments we make about actions being right or wrong. Despite the significance of these dimensions for intergroup relations, the complex interplay between individual and contextual factors remains largely unexplored.

By adopting a socioecological approach, this talk aims to shed light on variations in morality across societies, including the dynamic changes observed over time. Through a series of cross-cultural studies, I will demonstrate how the different facets of morality are related to the social, ecological, or economic conditions that surround us.

Dr. Melanie Vauclair will argue that examining the intricate interplay between psychological and socioecological factors offers valuable insights into the functioning of human morality in different contexts.

Access via ZOOM – Meeting ID: 9279 4703 175



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