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If you are a master's student looking to conduct your academic internship on psychological research, CIS-Iscte can be your host institution. An internship on research will comprise two components totaling 350 hours of contact. Most of the time will be spent with a researcher, taking part into research activities. For about 60 to 80 hours, our internships will get to work on the back-office of Science, working closely with our Science Managers, either in science management or science communication.


CIS-Iscte opens a call every September for applications to curricular research internships for Iscte’s Psychology master students.

Applications must be submitted by the internship supervisor to the email of CIS-Iscte (, attaching the following student’s documents: (1) A motivation letter; (2) a CV.

After appreciation, the decision will be sent by email. 

These curricular internships will take place between October and May.

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