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Terms of use

The purpose of this portal is exclusively informative. It does not dismiss the consultation of source documents, nor the consultation of a technician from Iscte – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (hereinafter referred as Iscte), since the information is generic and does not refer to specific cases.

The information contained on the CIS-Iscte portal is intended exclusively to provide information about this Research center and its partner entities, as well as the services they provide, under the terms set out below. For a full privacy policy of the institution (Iscte) please refer to the page:

Intellectual Property Rights

All the contents of this portal (website) are the property of CIS-Iscte and may not be reproduced without prior authorization. They are protected under the Copyright and Related Rights Code and the Industrial Property Code.
By accessing the CIS-Iscte portal, the user is authorized to use it under the terms of the aforementioned legislation.
Any quotation of information from this portal must identify CIS-Iscte, mentioning the specific web address of the data consulted and the date of consultation.

The intellectual property rights to the content of this portal belong exclusively to its owner, CIS- Iscte, and the intellectual property rights to the texts contained therein belong to the respective authors or whoever is stipulated in the respective rules of use.

The intellectual property rights to the content of other internet portals to which you find links here belong to their respective owners.


Despite our efforts to maintain and update the information contained therein, CIS-Iscte cannot guarantee that the content of the portal is completely up-to-date, either in terms of content or in terms of third-party content to which this portal contains a link.

Therefore, CIS-Iscte is not responsible for the accuracy and up-to-dateness of the content presented on this portal, as well as the up-to-dateness, quality, security and lawfulness of it's links or it's links content, since it cannot guarantee the management of unaffiliated portals content.

CIS-Iscte is not responsible, nor could be, for any direct damage, indirect damage or loss, resulting from the use of information contained on this portal or portals it references (links) existing no juridical relation between CIS-Iscte and the users, nor mutual rights and obligations.

CIS-Iscte reserves the right to change, delete or add any information to the content of the portal without prior notice. Likewise, CIS-Iscte reserves the right to suspend or cancel the dissemination of certain content on this portal.


Users can only access the portal and the information it contains for lawful purposes.

If the user detects any inacuracy or incorrection on portal content or portals it refers, he/she should communicate contacting

The information provided on downloadable files does not constitute nor can it be interpreted as service providing.

Content contained on downloadable files has a purely informative purpose, CIS-Iscte is not responsible for possible inaccuracy or outdating of data contained on the document.

Service availability

Due to the complexity of internet data transmission, it's not possible to us to guarantee that there exists no disturbance or even service interruption at any time, caused by accidental damage, unrelated constraints or third-party unauthorized intrusion.

Complains and suggestions

Any complains or suggestions can be submitted using our contact form. After processing, they will be replied to the electronic address provided by the user.

Acceptance of terms of use

By using CIS-Iscte portal, the user accepts its terms and conditions. The creation and maintenance of this portal is governed by Portuguese law, with the Lisbon District Courts having jurisdiction over any disputes.


CIS-Iscte follows Iscte's general privacy policy and relies on the institution for technical support regarding privacy concerns. Please consult Iscte's privacy policy.





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We use cookies to ensure a pack of useful features and ease our website's administration.

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We do not share this information with third parties.

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How the information provided is treated

When submitting your message through our contact form, the information is stored on our website back-office, managed by our communication manager. At the same time, a notification is sent to our research center e-mail. The person who manages our email account will either answer your contact directly or will forward your email to the person who is most likely to help you with your question.

All the information collected through this form is used exclusively for the purpose of contacting you and will not be shared with third parties.

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