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  • Where is CIS-Iscte located?
    The office of our research center is located at Room B123 of Building 4 (first floor), Iscte-University Institute of Lisbon. Our address is Av. das Forças Armadas, 40, 1649-026 Lisboa, Portugal.
  • What are CIS-Iscte's opening hours?
    Our service hours are from Monday to Thursday from 10:30 to 17:00, and Friday from 10:30 to 13:00. We close for lunch (usually between 13:00-14:00).
  • More FAQ's coming soon...
    We are working to summarize all the frequented asked questions. We'll get back to you soon.
  • What is the correct designation of CIS?
    The center's official name is CIS-Iscte (Centro de Investigação e Intervenção Social do Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa), which should be used in all texts. The official designation in English is Centre for Psychological Research and Social Intervention. The correct spelling is CIS in capital letters, as it is an acronym, and Iscte, where the "i" is capitalized and the other letters are lowercase. The two words should be separated with an hyphen (-). In contrast, Iscte is a proper name, not an acronym, and can be used by itself. However, the name " University Institute of Lisbon" cannot be abbreviated. CIS-ISCTE (or ISCTE-UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF LISBON), all in capitals, will be written only where the context requires it, i.e. in titles or other texts written in capitals. As recommended by the Research Support Office (GAI), the only exception is the affiliation in Scientific Journals, which should be: Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Lisboa, Portugal; or Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), CIS-Iscte, Lisboa, Portugal Therefore, the application should be as follows:
  • My work was mentioned in a news piece or I was interviewed on the media (including podcast, etc.). How can I share it on my Ciência-IUL profile?
    This type of request should be addressed directly to Iscte's general Communication Office ( by providing the link to the media piece. In order to systematize every piece when referring to Iscte in the Media and linking it to the author's Ciência-IUL profile, we should consider the following selection criteria: Mention Iscte, Research Unit Be a research article/project; One reference in the media per article/project; Closed (private) news articles cannot be published. Additionally, whenever possible, please inform our Science Communication Manager, Pedro Mendes, about that news piece, providing the link for it. It may be relevant to share it on our Social Media platforms and our website.
  • How can I book a working place on Building 4?
    Iscte's Building 4, or Center for Valorization and Technology Transfer (CVTT), is a research and knowledge transfer infrastructure created in 2019. It houses Iscte's eight research centers, ten laboratories and three observatories. With the aim of providing integrated knowledge transfer solutions for society, organizations, companies and the public administration, this center combines two reference areas of research at Iscte: Social sciences and Digital technologies. Designed for sustainability and geared towards interdisciplinary collaboration, this hub will be the stage for collaboration between hundreds of researchers. In this sense, there are no fixed workplaces. If you are a researcher or doctoral student and do not have a workplace in another Iscte building, you will have access to book a workstation in Building 4 whenever you need, including meeting rooms. Spaces can be booked via the Clearooms platform, which can be accessed using your Iscte credentials. The door to the booked room can be then unlocked with your Iscte card. Help on how to use the platform can be found at:
  • More FAQ's coming soon...
    We are working to summarize all the frequented asked questions. We'll get back to you soon.
  • How to become a CIS-Iscte Member?
    CIS-Iscte has Full Members, Associate Members, and Collaborators, as well as PhD Students. Full member – researchers whose only affiliation institution is CIS-Iscte. Associate Member – researchers with some level of formal engagement with CIS-Iscte. Collaborator – researchers intending to become Full members in the near future or wishing to retain a non-formal association with the center. Researchers interested in becoming members or collaborators of CIS-Iscte should send: A letter explaining the alignment of their work with the mission of CIS-Iscte and with the mission of one of its research groups, as well as their potential contributions to this center A selection of 3 most significant publications A complete CV. Applications must be sent through e-mail to the Directive Board, cc to CIS e-mail ( Applications will be considered by the Directive Board and the Scientific Committee. The decision may involve an interview. ​ Researchers who, not being members, intend to make CIS-Iscte their host institution in national and international calls for projects, must previously submit their intentions to the Directive Board.
  • I am a bachelor's or master's student and I want to collaborate in research at CIS-Iscte. How can I do it?
    If you are an undergraduate student, you can collaborate through different ways on research projects carried out at CIS-Iscte: On a voluntary basis, by directly contacting the professor you would like to work with; By expressing your interest via the general CIS-Iscte email, indicating areas of interest and research skills*; Applying for the Scientific Initiation Scholarships promoted by the Research Support Office (find out more here:; Applying for a research grant from one of our projects. Please check the open opportunities here. *Please note that your involvement will be subject to the research support needs of the moment, as well as a screening process, and the opportunity to collaborate in research activities is not guaranteed. As a master's student, in addition to voluntary participation in projects or applications for research grants, you can choose to do a curricular internship at our research center. To find out how, see our page on academic internships or contact Iscte's Career Services directly.
  • I finished my master's in Psychology and I am looking for a professional internship in the scope of Ano Profissional Júnior for the Portuguese Order of Psychologists (OPP). Can I do it at CIS-Iscte?
    CIS-Iscte has a protocol with the Order of Portuguese Psychologists as a host institution for professional internships in areas related to the research and intervention carried out in our research center. To this end, we welcome and validate the professional internships of project grant holders and PhD students with an FCT grant. However, we are unable to receive spontaneous applications as the internships have to be paid and the center does not have its own budget for this, nor do we have a protocol with the IEFP. For more information on OPP's interships please visit their website. Please, check our research opportunities for the chance to apply for a grant in the scope of one of our projects. All research opportunities are also advertised on Euraxess platform, and some other opportunities may be posted on Iscte's recruitment platform. If you are accepted for the applied position, you will then carry out your activities as part of the internship. Otherwise, we cannot accept you as a trainee.


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