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The decentralized ethics committee of CIS-Iscte formally began its work on March 1, 2024. Researchers can now submit your requests for ethical assessment of projects/studies to

When submitting your work, please consider the following:


  1. All researchers affiliated to CIS-iscte (PhDs and doctoral students) can submit requests for consideration to this committee, regardless of funding or type of project. This committee will not evaluate projects/studies submitted by 1st or 2nd cycle students (these requests should be made to the ECSH specialized committee);

  2. The request for ethical assessment must be submitted by e-mail to using the forms available on the website of Iscte's ethics board, or at Iscte's intranet page, at least 7 working days before the scheduled meeting (see calendar below);

  3. The estimated time limit for issuing decisions is 60 days, counting from the working day following the meeting at which it was distributed.

Next plenary meetings

  • May 3

  • May 31

  • June 28

Past plenary meetings

  • March 8

  • April 5


The constitution of the committee is the following:  Carla Mouro, Eunice Magalhães, Marta Matos (chair) and Oleksandr Horchak. The committee's secretariat is provided by Andreia Pólvora.

Carla Mouro


Eunice Magalhães


Marta Matos


Oleksandr Horchak


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