Our mission is to develop psychological and psychosocial knowledge, integrating different levels of analysis and various methodological approaches. Advancing theory-based analysis of contemporary problems, we develop interventions and inform knowledge-based public policies. The training of students and young researchers is also a priority, as are integrating theories across the various areas of psychology, and connecting them with other disciplines, consolidating our reputation as an internationally recognized centre of excellence.


Today CIS-iscte is recognized for its contributions to areas such as:

  • Emotions: Experience, Recognition & Regulation

  • Environment, climate change & Citizenship

  • Intergroup Relations & Identity

  • Interpersonal Relations

  • Family and Education Systems

  • Psychological Development

  • Situated Social Cognition

  • Social Disparities in Health

CIS-iscte obtained the classification of Excellent on the last evaluation (2019) carried out by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).

CIS at a glance

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Board of Directors

Carla Moleiro.jpg

Carla Marina de Matos Moleiro


Carla Moleiro.jpg

Susana Batel


Carla Moleiro.jpg

Eunice Magalhães




Andreia Pólvora_lr.jpg

Andreia Pólvora

Science Manager: ISCTE Funds | Private Projects

Andreia Pólvora_lr.jpg

Leonardo Veronez Sousa

Science Manager: PEST Funds | European Projects

Andreia Pólvora_lr.jpg

Joana Sousa

Science Manager: FCT Projects | Erasmus+ Projects

Andreia Pólvora_lr.jpg

Sara Costa Fernandes

Science Manager: PEST Funds; Science Communications


Scientific Commission

Ana Rita Taborda Monteiro Guerra

Margarida e Sá de Vaz Garrido

David Filipe Lourenço Rodrigues

Lígia Monteiro

Advisory Board


Dominic Abrams


Paul Lesemen


Eva Green


Sonja Kotz


Hein de Vries



Report 2020

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Report 2018

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Report 2019

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#PolicyBrief - Projecto GRIT

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