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Third episode of [IN]PERTINENTE podcast with Sibila Marques available

On the broad topic of Society, on the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation's [IN]Pertinente podcast, Sibila Marques, researcher from CIS-Iscte, talks with Hugo van der Ding about Longevity. The third episode is now available to listen (in Portuguese).

The third episode, titled "Longevity: What is ageism?", explores the concept of ageism, including how and when it arose, its components and why people are so unaware of it. The discussion also covers the differences between blatant and subtle ageism, and distinguishes how it manifests in the United States, Europe, and Portugal.

Check the first and the second episodes about the concepts of longevity and how societies are (un)prepared for longer lives, and about the ways people can keep an active life while ageing, respectively.



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