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Social ties: Are we the 2.0 version of our parents?

Luísa Lima, researcher at the Centre for Psychological Research and Social Intervention (CIS-Iscte) and director of Iscte-Health, participated in the podcast [IN] Pertinente, from the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation, with Ana Markl. This is the fourth episode of a 'mini-series' on social ties and the last one with the researcher's participation.

© Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos (image taken from the Foundation’s twitter account)

Luísa Lima shares her knowledge about the research on the relationship between children and their parents. The researcher talks about results from psychological studies on parents-children relationships and highlights its biases and under-explored topics, such as research on the relationship between siblings. "Yes, relax. Take care of yourselves as well. Do not forget to take care of yourselves, parents", she concludes as advice for new parents. Listen to the whole episode on the Foundation's website and the usual podcast platforms (only in Portuguese).

Check the first episode focused on interpersonal relationships in the digital vs real world, the second about loneliness, and the third on the weight of others.



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