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[closed] Call for 2 PhD Scholarships in Psychology 2022-2023

The final results for this call can be found here (only in Portuguese):

[5jan2023] ATA Resultado final Bolsas CIS_Iscte 2022_2023
Download PDF • 429KB

The Centre for Research and Social Intervention of the Iscte - University Institute of Lisbon (CIS-ISCTE) is launching a call for 2 PhD Scholarships for the development of research projects within the PhD Program in Psychology at ISCTE-IUL.*

This funding program provides a monthly stipend ** and several opportunities for each applicant to develop their potential to thrive, with supporting supervision, additional resources and funding.

PhD Students are integrated into CIS_iscte, a Research Centre of excellence*** providing a forum to grow within a multidisciplinary network, a set of high-quality infrastructures, resources, research support and science management team, and a fully equipped laboratory for different types of data collection.

The PhD Program encourages regular communication of research to peers and society through scientific publications and presentations at scientific meetings or seminars open to the community. These research and dissemination activities have additional funding from the PhD Program and the Research Centre, providing travel and networking opportunities.

We are seeking qualified, motivated and diverse candidates. Don't miss the opportunity to apply. The call will be open between September 23, 2022 and October 10, 2022.

Find out how you can prepare your application for the PhD Scholarships on the Call PhD Scholarships CIS_Iscte 2022_2023, available for download below.

*The PhD scholarships are intended for candidates already enrolled, or candidates who meet the necessary conditions to enrol in the 1st academic year, of the PhD Program in Psychology at ISCTE-IUL.

** PhD scholarships are annual and can be renewed up to a maximum of four years (48 months). The monthly maintenance allowance values follow the updated table of the FCT’s Regulation for Studentships and Fellowships (RBI).

***The Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) has evaluated CIS as an Excellent Research Center in the last Evaluation of National R&D Units.

Call PhD Scholarships CIS_Iscte 2022_2023

#Call PhD Scholarships CIS_Iscte 2022_2023_EN
Download PDF • 389KB

Template A - Research work plan

Download DOCX • 79KB

Template B - Adjustment to CIS strategic plan and research areas

Download DOCX • 76KB

Report of the Evaluation and Ranking of Candidates

ATA Resultados Bolsas CIS_Iscte 2022_2023
Download PDF • 1.65MB



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