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CIS-Iscte partners in Erasmus+ project to promote students' mental health

The Centre for Psychological Research and Social Intervention (CIS-Iscte) is a partner in the project HEARTS: Higher Education Action Response for Trauma Support, led by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). This project was recently funded by the Erasmus+ program through the action "KA220-HED - Cooperation partnerships in higher education" for a total of 250 000 €.

At Iscte, the researcher responsible for the project is Carla Moleiro, from CIS. Besides Iscte, the partners in the consortium are Università ta Malta (Italy), Università degli Studi di Cagliari (Italy), Consorzio per la Ricerca e L'Educazione Permanente Torino (Italy), International Union for Health Promotion and Education (France).

This project aims to co-develop and test innovative methods and cooperation strategies for the promotion of mental health in higher education. Through the transdisciplinary expertise of the project partners, it seeks to develop workshops, conferences, and awareness-raising campaigns for staff and students at the five universities. These actions aim to increase the quality of mental health promotion, address common needs, promote the inclusion of vulnerable groups, create inclusive learning environments, and build capacity for transnational cooperation through culturally sensitive, digitally relevant, and community-based approaches using international health promotion frameworks.

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The project consortium will work on the development of an integration guide and awareness-raising campaigns in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. In addition, it expects to involve hundreds of students and higher education professionals in the various trainings and thereby raise awareness of mental health promotion among around 40,000 students and staff at the five universities. The project is scheduled to start in January 2024.



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