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Phd in Psychology


The Doctoral Program in Psychology at Iscte was created in 2000, and was the first in Portugal to introduce a structured curricular component in addition to its intensive individual research program. Started as a course in Social and Organizational Psychology, it broadened to a general Psychology program in 2006 with the implementation of the Bologna Process in Portugal.

The PhD Program in Psychology is hosted by the Department of Social and Organizational Psychology of the School for Social Sciences and Humanities at Iscte, but it is also jointly organized by CIS-IUL as one of the research centre's most important activities, as well as associated with Iscte’s Laboratory for Social and Organizational Psychology. Synergies between these different partners make the program vibrant, creating a dynamic, collaborative and stimulating scientific environment that allows students to develop and strengthen their scientific and academic skills.

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Lisbon PhD in Social Psychology


The Lisbon PhD in Social Psychology (LiSP) is an FCT-funded inter-university doctoral program integrating three existing Doctoral programs in Social Psychology in Lisbon (from ISCTE-IULUniversity of Lisbon and ISPA - Instituto Universitário).

It combines the teaching and research expertise of some of the best social psychologists in the country and profits from the collaborations, facilities and other synergies created between the institutions involved in the program (see Interuniversity Collaboration).

By bringing together the Social Psychology branches of the three Lisbon PhD programs in Psychology, this program offers a unique combination of diverse scientific subdomains in one integrated program.


Raquel Bertoldo, PhD

Os tempos que passei no CIS-ISCTE enquanto doutoranda foram fundamentais no meu desenvolvimento pessoal e profissional.

João Graça, PhD

O Programa Doutoral em Psicologia do ISCTE-IUL (...) foi uma experiência desafiante, gratificante e capacitadora



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