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Raquel Bertoldo

Raquel Bertoldo

Year of PhD Graduation:

Associate Professor, University of Aix-Marseille


The time I spent at CIS-Iscte as a doctoral student was fundamental to my personal and professional development in social psychology research. In addition to the important role of personal investment and the work of the supervisor in this process, CIS and the doctoral program in social psychology provided me with the theoretical and methodological tools necessary to develop my research skills, all in an academic environment full of experiences. I can list the theoretical and methodological trainings, seminars, such as those for developing academic skills (communication, scientific writing), as well as the individual stimuli for publication through the awards, which allowed me to participate in many international congresses and develop my professional network. The rich academic environment fostered by CIS was certainly a determining factor in my rapid integration as a university student in France. Today I am an Associate Professor at the Laboratoire de Psychologie Sociale (LPS) of the Université d'Aix-Marseille, and a very grateful alumnus of CIS-Iscte.

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