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Eduardo Reis

Eduardo Reis

Year of PhD Graduation:

Behavioral Scientist, Novo Nordisk


During my doctoral studies at CIS-Iscte, I underwent significant growth academically, professionally, and personally. I felt that I was provided with a holistic approach to truly understanding Social Psychology, ranging from its theoretical underpinnings to its applied implications. I had the opportunity to learn advanced qualitative and quantitative methodologies which enriched my research skills, while supervising students, participating in international conferences, and interning at UNESCO Senegal broadened my professional network and insights into global research and behavioral sciences. Amidst these experiences, I cultivated resilience, adaptability, and empathy in a multicultural setting, and all of it was possible due to the unwavering support of my supervising team. It was a privilege to learn from them, as well as the rest of the CIS-Iscte team, who allowed me to forge my own path and transition from academia to industry, all while remaining empowering and open to future collaborations.

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