livro/ebook “Géneros e Sexualidades: intersecções e tangentes”
A linha Género, Sexualidades e Interseccionalidade do Centro de Investigação e de Intervenção Social (CIS) do ISCTE-IUL disponibiliza, universal e gratuitamente, o livro/ebook “Géneros e Sexualidades: intersecções e tangentes”.
New European master programme in Social and Cultural Psychology
Apply now to the new Global-MINDS European Master in the Psychology of Global Mobility, Inclusion and Diversity in Society, funded by the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme from the European Union (Erasmus+) and coordinated by ISCTE-IUL. Th...
Fotos do lançamento do Violência doméstica: boas práticas no apoio a vítimas LGBT
A apresentação pública do Manual Violência doméstica: boas práticas no apoio de vítimas LGBT: Guia de boas práticas para profissionais de estruturas de apoio a vítimas, ocorreu o dia 1 de Março pelas 16h no Auditório B203. O lançamento contou com a p...
Be careful where you smile: Culture shapes judgments of intelligence and honesty of smiling individuals
Smiling individuals are usually perceived more favorably than non-smiling ones - they are judged as happier, more attractive, more competent, and friendlier. Although, these consequences of smiling are assumed to be universal, recent study of researc...
Newest Issue of the CIS Newsletter is available
Read the newest CIS Newsletter, organized by the Community and Development Research Group and the Psychology of Social Change Research Group.


22 March, 2017
Catherine Moury (FCSH - Nova) Presentation: Going beyond the Troika
Catherine Moury (FCSH - Nova) Presents "Going beyond the Troika: Power and discourse in Portuguese austerity politics" in the ΨChange biweekly meeting from 14:00-15:30 on 22 March, 2017 at ISCTE-IUL, room TBA
24 March, 2017
Presentation “Stigma and chronic pain” by Lies de Ruddere (U Ghent)
Lies de Ruddere, health psychology expert from the Ghent Health Psychology Lab will give a presentation on chronic pain and social rejection, a major problem for Europeans. Friday, 24 March, 2017, 13:00-14:30; room C2.02, ISCTE-IUL
Violência doméstica: boas práticas no apoio a vítimas LGBT
O CIS-IUL e a Comissão para a Cidadania e Igualdade de Género (CIG) têm o prazer de convidar a comunidade ISCTE-IUL para a apresentação pública do Manual Violência doméstica: boas práticas no apoio de vítimas LGBT: Guia de boas práticas para profissi...
Final seminar of the Project Playgroups for Inclusion
On the 23th of February it will take place at Gulbenkian the final seminar of the pilot project Playgroups/ Grupos Aprender, Brincar, Crescer (GABC) showing its impacts and monitoring information.
25th of November, 18h, Aud. Afonso de Barros (ala autónoma)
Seminar "Representations of the rural in Portugal – the centrality of environmental matters", by Elisabete Figueiredo, Universidade de Aveiro
Elisabete Figueiredo, is a Sociologist (ISCTE–IUL) and PhD in Environmental Sciences (University of Aveiro). She is Assistant Professor at the Department of Social, Political and Territorial Sciences, and full researcher at GOVCOPP (Research Unit on ...


Did you know that Twitter messages indicate the reactions to food crisis?
In a recent study, CIS-IUL researchers engaged in FoodRisC Project analysed the Spanish tweets during the 2011 food crisis associated to the EHEC or Ecoli - Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli. This crisis has important consequences for Spanish cucum...
Do you know that we may get so threatened seeing innocent people suffering that we may end blaming them and derogating them thus contributing even more to their suffering?
Did you know that human adults seem to be more efficient decoders of dog's emotional expression that to humans or chimpanzees facial expressions?

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