Applications with CIS-IUL as the host institution
Noldus: CIS-IUL and LAPSO
Noldus already has a link with information about CIS-IUL and LAPSO.
Call N.º 1/2017_LiSP
The Inter-Institutional Social Psychology Doctoral Program, entitled Lisbon PhD in Social Psychology (LiSP) opens call for four funded PhD student positions.
CALL FOR FOUR PHD SCHOLARSHIPS - PhD Programme in Psychology of ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon
Candidates admitted to the ISCTE-IUL PhD Programme in Psychology at ISCTE-IUL can apply for one of 4 four-year scholarships available for the academic year 2017/2018. The aim of these scholarships is to provide research support and promoting scientif...
CIS participation at Encontro Ciência 2017 | Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, FCT, 3-5 July
CIS participation at Encontro Ciência 2017 | Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, FCT, 3-5 July


O papel da estratégia de codificação na memória: A distintividade e o efeito de produção
A memória depende de três processos distintos que têm sido profusamente estudados: a codificação, a retenção e a recuperação. O estudo das variáveis que estão associadas à codificação tem produzido alguns efeitos marcantes e robustos como o atesta as...
27/04 - 03/05 and 04/05
Moderated Mediation
In this seminar, we will focus on and discuss the following topics: a) The framework of mediation and moderation; b) Parametric and nonparametric method to analyse mediation; c) Continuous and categorical moderators; d) Moderated mediation model with...
CED Talk, with Dr. Madureira Pires, manager of the programme at the Gulbenkian Foundation
Next Thursday, February 22 (1:30 p.m., Room A329), we're going to have our joint session about the Cidadania Ativa Programme, funded by EAA Grants and jointly managed by the Gulbenkian Foundation and the Bissaya Barreto Foundation. Dr. Madureira Pire...
17th - 18th of May 2018
XIV PhD Meeting in Social and Organizational Psychology
The XIV PhD Meeting in Social and Organizational Psychology will take place on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th of May 2018 at ISCTE-IUL in Lisbon. The meeting is a scientific gathering of PhD students from Portugal and abroad, of various fields in Ps...
“Introduction to E-Prime: From the design of the experiment to data management and processing”
E-Prime is a software package that allows to design and run psychological experiments, and to collect and analyse data. We will review its main features and discuss the advantages of using this software. In particular, we will cover E-Prime’s differe...


Did you know that Twitter messages indicate the reactions to food crisis?
In a recent study, CIS-IUL researchers engaged in FoodRisC Project analysed the Spanish tweets during the 2011 food crisis associated to the EHEC or Ecoli - Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli. This crisis has important consequences for Spanish cucum...
Do you know that we may get so threatened seeing innocent people suffering that we may end blaming them and derogating them thus contributing even more to their suffering?
Did you know that human adults seem to be more efficient decoders of dog's emotional expression that to humans or chimpanzees facial expressions?

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