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1st TEIP meeting took place at Iscte

On February 28, the 1st TEIP Meeting of the 2023/2024 school year was held at Iscte-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa.

Imagem cedida pela equipa do projeto | Iscte

Organized by the CIS-Iscte team of the TEIP Programme (Educational Territories of Priority Intervention), with experts Carla Colaço, Kalpna Kirtikumar, Patrícia Sarmento, Ricardo Rodrigues and Rui Lopes, this meeting brought together the 15 school groups monitored by the project, with the participation of around 50 teachers and principals, in an afternoon of collaborative and practical work, focused on the development of the application for TEIP4.

The participants were divided into four workshops - Leadership (with Kalpna Kirtikumar), Critical Success Factors and Indicators (with Carla Colaço), Partnerships (with Patrícia Sarmento) and Pathways to School Success (with Rui Lopes). In the second part of the meeting, the participants had the opportunity to clarify their questions regarding the TEIP4 application with those responsible for the General Direction of Education (DGE), teachers Cristina Palma, Anabela Correia and Teresa Andrade, who provided important clarifications and guidance.

The TEIP Program is an educational policy measure promoted by the DGE aimed at school groups and non-grouped schools located in territories with a high number of children and young people at risk of social vulnerability, with the aim of ensuring inclusion and educational success, improving the quality of learning and combating school dropout.



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