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CIS-Iscte at the Employability Forum 2024

Our research center took part in another edition of the Employability Forum, organized by Iscte's School of Social Sciences, and School of Sociology and Public Policy, which took place on 20 March.

© 2024 Hugo Cruz | Iscte

Over an intensive afternoon, bachelor's and master's students had the chance to explore different career opportunities, including curricular internships in psychological research. Our science communicator led CIS-Iscte's participation, with the support of master's student and intern Sercileyne Nascimento and PhD students Cláudia Ramos, Elena Piccinelli and Aissa Baldé. The students shared their diverse experiences on their research paths in psychology.

© 2024 Rita Alves | Iscte

LAPSO - Psychology Laboratory was also present with a practical demonstration of the psychology research carried out in the lab, with the presence of Helena Santos and interns Inês Manuel Brito and Radjon Rodrigues.

© 2024 Hugo Cruz | Iscte



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