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CONFERENCE: Bisexuality, masculinities, and sexual risk

Next November 15 at 11:00 AM (room 2.28, Autonomous Wing Building of Iscte-IUL), as part of the Lectures in Psychology Or in Other Social Sciences and Humanities of the Doctoral Program in Psychology, Dr. Richard de Visser from the University of Sussex, School of Psychology will give a talk on Bisexuality, masculinites, and sexual risk.

© 2021 Katie Rainbow / Pexels


This talk will present emerging findings from a study of the links between masculinities and sexuality among bisexual men. Our previous work highlighted the ways in which dominant discourses of heterosexual masculinity do - and do not - apply to gay men. The results from the current qualitative study of 20 biexual men in the UK show how they question some aspects of dominant discourses of masculinity while simultaneosuly reinforcing other aspects. The findings also highlight how notions of masculinity, control, and safety vary - and are consistent - during sexual encounters with male partners and female partners.

Access via ZOOM - Meeting ID: 979 6186 0763



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