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Talk "Security vs Pleasure: Understanding how individual motives can shape sexual health decisions"

21/04/2021, 16:00 (GMT+1),

with Prof. David Rodrigues (CIS-Iscte)


More about the talk:

Rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and condomless sex have been increasing. Although many health problems are preventable, people often fail to regulate their actions and, engage in threatening behaviors. Despite a myriad of variables being used in theoretical models to predict condom use and inform evidence-based interventions, condomless sex rates are still high. Our research will provide novel insights into whether motivational factors can shape risky sexual health decisions above and beyond other variables used in the field. Using quantitative and qualitative surveys, we will examine if regulatory motives shape knowledge and beliefs about STIs and condom use differently (Study 1), and intentions to engage in sexual health behaviors (Study 2). A longitudinal study will then assess if regulatory motives predict sexual health behaviors over time (Study 3).

Evento online para membros CIS-Iscte



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