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Call for papers for the 5th International ESS Conference

ICS - University of Lisbon and Iscte - University Institute of Lisbon will host the 5th International European Social Survey (ESS) Conference from Monday 8 until Wednesday 10 July 2024. The conference will celebrate 20 years of the ESS providing data to the scientific community and will mark the change in data collection methodology in 2027.

© 2019 Julian Dik | Unsplash

The call for papers for the 5th International ESS Conference - 20 years of data - is open until January 31, 2024. Researchers are invited to submit paper abstracts of up to 500 words (plus 3-5 keywords) to be considered for one of the 38 sessions that have been selected for the conference, or for the conference poster session.

The session Health in a Digital World, proposed by Iscte researchers is one of these thematic sessions accepted for the conference. This session intends to contribute to the discussion on the effects of digital transformation in healthcare, encouraging the submission of communications that analyse health determinants and outcomes throughout the life cycle and in different contexts or that examine in what way digital divide perpetuates or exacerbates © 2020 Tima Miroshnichenko | Pexels

health inequalities. The chairs of this session (Elzbieta Bobrowicz-Campos, Luísa Lima, Cristina Camilo, Ricardo Borges Rodrigues, Rita Espanha, Henrique Martins) welcome studies that focus on health data collected in any of the European Social Survey (ESS) waves and interconnected with data from any ESS module, as long as the analysis and discussion of these data considers the digital challenges faced today.

Other sessions proposed by researchers from CIS-Iscte include Prejudice and discrimination against minority groups over time and across nations (Christin-Melanie Vauclair), or Social inequalities: Insights from European societies (Isabel Correia).

For the other sessions and full details of this call, please refer to the ESS Conference website.



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