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TURN_ON HELP Project Reveals Insights on Cyberbullying in Portuguese Youth

Supported by the la Caixa Foundation, the project "TURN_ON HELP-Intergroup factors and bystanders’ helping behaviors on bias-based cyberbullying incidents" sheds light on the dynamics of cyberbullying among Portuguese youth. The study, selected in the call to support research on the social reality of young people in Portugal (FP22-1), focuses on the impact of intergroup factors on bystanders' behaviors when witnessing cyberbullying based on social identity or group membership and was led by researcher Raquel António, and also included researchers Rita Guerra and Carla Moleiro.

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The online survey, conducted as part of the project with 4,507 Portuguese youth, aimed to understand cyberbullying towards different minority groups. The results suggest that bystanders' responses varied depending on the target of the cyberbullying, with a notable difference in helping intentions between cyberbullying incidents targeting LGBTI+ and Black youth.

The main results from the project are now available on the 'O Observatório Social' website, presenting insights that contribute to the development of theoretical approaches to understanding what promotes bystanders' helping intentions in bias-based cyberbullying episodes.



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