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International European Social Survey Conference in Lisbon

ICS - University of Lisbon and Iscte - University Institute of Lisbon will host the 5th International European Social Survey (ESS) Conference from Monday 8 until Wednesday 10 July 2024. The conference will celebrate 20 years of the ESS providing data to the scientific community and will mark the change in data collection methodology in 2027.

© 2019 Julian Dik | Unsplash

The call for sessions for the 5th International ESS Conference - 20 years of data - is now open until Monday, 2 October. Researchers are invited to submit an abstract of up to 400 words outlining the focus of the session they plan to host. Sessions can be on any topic related to the questionnaire content over the first ten rounds (2002-22) or around survey methods.

Full details of the call are available via the ESS Conference section of the ESS website.



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