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Final conference of the COST Action Rural NEET Youth Network

The final conference of the COST Action CA18213: Rural NEET Youth Network took place last March 12, 2024, at the European Committee of Regions, Brussels, under the title "Rural young people: Alternative futures for more hopeful rural societies".

Across several round-tables, topics such as considerations of young people's future in peripheral Europe, the contributions of the Rural NEET Youth Network for Education and Employment, but also for Social Inclusion and Sustainability, and about young people being the next rural resource (in co-organization with the EU Rural Pact) were discussed. Francisco Simões (CIS-Iscte), chair of this COST Action, wrapped-up the event and the project by presenting the contributions of its main outcome: the European Rural Youth Observatory. The event was also attended by Iscte's vice-rector for internationalization, Prof. Maria das Dores Guerreiro.



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