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CIS-Iscte researchers in the Top 2% of Scientists in Social Psychology

Stanford University has just updated its prestigious list of the top 2% of scientists worldwide based on Scopus data for 2022.

We are delighted to announce that researchers Susana Batel and Ana Guinote have earned a place among the best! The presence of CIS-Iscte researchers on the list of the world's most influential researchers reflects the high quality of scientific production and the excellence of our center.

Ana Guinote, also a professor at University College London, works mainly in the field of Experimental Psychology and was ranked 687th in the Social Psychology subfield (Psychology and Cognitive Sciences), out of 22,564 specialists.

Susana Batel, who stands out for her research in the field of Energy, ranked 795th in the Social Psychology subfield (area of Enabling and Strategic Technologies), out of 22,564 specialists

CIS-Iscte congratulates our researchers on this distinction! Other researchers from Iscte were also distinguished in this ranking.



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