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CIS-Iscte leads project to develop intercultural games that promote inclusion

The Centre for Psychological Research and Social Intervention (CIS-Iscte) will coordinate the project KidLe - Developing an intercultural game as a pedagogic tool for the inclusion of pupils with migrant bacKground in new Learning environments, funded with 250,000€ through the Erasmus+ program (action "KA220-SCH - Cooperation partnerships in school education").

The consortium will be led by researcher Cecília Aguiar (CIS-Iscte), and will involve 5 European institutions: CIIM Innovations Limited (Cyprus), Eurospeak Limited (Ireland), InterAktion - Verein für ein interkulturelles Zusammenleben (Austria), Sirius Policy Network on Migrant Education (Belgium) and ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΑΓΙΟΥ ΣΠΥΡΙΔΩΝΑ (Cyprus). The team at Iscte also has the collaboration of CIS researchers Joana Alexandre, Nadine Correia, Ricardo B. Rodrigues and Patrícia Arriaga.

The KidLe project aims to support the inclusion of migrant children in new educational environments by developing intercultural games. It also seeks to strengthen the capacity of families and education professionals to use games to promote children's learning and development.

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The project consortium intends to develop the games through co-creation processes with children, families, and education professionals. Leisure events are planned to support professionals and families, raising awareness among the local and international population of the role of intercultural games in promoting inclusive educational environments. The project is scheduled to start in December 2023.



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