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Academic year 2023-24 kickoff

On October 20, the Doctoral Program in Psychology had its kickoff event, in which Diniz Lopes, a researcher at CIS-Iscte and professor at Iscte's School of Social Sciences, gave a talk about his line of research on the relationship between humans and companion animals.

The welcoming ceremony had the contribution of Jorge Costa, Vice-Rector for Research and Technological Modernization; Diniz Lopes as the Director of the School of Social Sciences; Carla Moleiro, Director of CIS-Iscte; Cecília Aguiar, Director of the Department of Psychology; and Paula Castro, Director of the Doctoral Program in Psychology.

There was a high participation in the conference, both in-person and online, showing that its topic sparked the interest of the audience.

Pictures: © 2023 Pedro Simão Mendes | Iscte



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