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Our mission is to advance social psychological theories and models, integrating different levels of analysis and different methodological approaches, to apply strong theory-based approaches in diverse areas of psychology, by developing interventions and supporting public policies anchored in science; and to prioritize the training of students and young researchers, integrating research into teaching at all levels of training. 


Internationally, CIS-iscte is recognized for its contributions to fundamental and applied research in areas such as:


  • Emotions: Experience, Recognition & Regulation

  • Environment,Quality of Life & Citizenship

  • Intergroup Relations & Identity

  • Interpersonal Relations

  • Psychological Development

  • Situated Social Cognition

  • Social Disparities in Health



CIS-iscte obtained a classification of Excellent on the last evaluation exercise carried out by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), with the lead of independent international panels.


CIS-IUL has a director, who is nominated from and by the scientific council and approved by the Rector of ISCTE-IUL for a two year term. The director appoints two deputy directors from the scientific council. The Board is responsible for making strategic decisions, planning activities and managing and allocating funds to support research and PhD student activities. The Board also makes regular reports to ISCTE-IUL and funding agencies on the research and activities of the center.

The scientific committee has four members elected from and by the scientific council. The Committee supports and advises the Board on strategic and management decisions and decides on the acceptance of new members.

The scientific council is made up of all full members of the center. The Council discusses the yearly budget and negotiates the priorities for the use of available funds, orients the organization of research groups and defines the main strategic goals of the research center.

Board of Directors


Scientific Commission

Scientific Commission


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