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Iscte brings Nepalese E-Health to the next level

The Portuguese team of the NEEM project has recently returned from Nepal.

João Carlos Ferreira, Ana Lúcia Martins, Sónia Bernardes, and Luís Elvas are part of Iscte’s NEEM project team, which aims to train Nepalese teachers and students in the area of E-Health.

Over several days, this team promoted a set of training sessions designed to contribute to the activities foreseen in WP2 – Pedagogical Guidelines. The sessions were attended by Nepalese professors and students from Kathmandu and Pokhara Universities and by the University of Oslo project coordination team. In addition to the training sessions, Iscte’s team also participated in several meetings to prepare for the next activities, namely, a workshop to be held in June at Iscte.



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