Developing child and adolescent in diverse contexts: opportunities and risks


The line of reseach DEVELOP (The developing child and adolescent in diverse contexts: Opportunities and risks):

  • Aims to obtain a deeper understanding of the opportunities and risks for the development of children and adolescents across multiple and diverse contexts. Contexts of special interest consist of families (including minority and economically disadvantaged families), education and healthcare settings, and child and youth protection services.
  • Provides a formal structure, within CIS, for optimizing complementary research interest and skills of CIS members committed to the study of developmental processes and/or outcomes involving children and adolescents and to the design and evaluation of interventions targeting positive social change.
  • Broadens the spectrum of the research conducted within the Research Group “Community, Education, and Development”, opening its research to contributions from other fields in Psychology.
  • Provides a forum for studying and discussing the complex, multidimensional, and multidetermined development of children and adolescents, from diverse theoretical and methodological standpoints within Psychology, thus increasing the depth and comprehensiveness of the knowledge base on human development from early childhood to adolescence.
  • Aims to integrate contributions from Developmental Psychology, Social Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Social Psychology, Social Cognitive Psychology, Ethology, Comparative Psychology and evolutionary theory, as well as bioecological and transactional theories, with concepts and methodologies from Community Psychology and Cultural Psychology, such as participation, empowerment, and social change.


DEVELOP is a dynamic structure, open to all members of CIS that share research interests related to developmental processes and/or outcomes involving children and adolescents.

DEVELOP is currently composed of ten members, representing all research groups that compose CIS:

Cecília Aguiar (CED)
Joana Alexandre (CED)
Patrícia Arriaga (BEC)
Manuela Calheiros (CED)
Augusta Gaspar (BEC)
Carla Moleiro (H4A)
Lígia Monteiro (CED)
Inês Peceguina (CED)
Ricardo Rodriges (PsyChange)
Francisco Simões (CED)

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