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Personnel and hours

Coordination: Rita Jerónimo
Lab Management: Helena Santos
Evening Support: Not available
at the moment
Location (secretariat): D009, Floor 0, Building II, ISCTE-IUL


     Email: lapso@iscte-iul.pt

21 0464024
Open Hours:

     Week Days: 9h30 – 13h; 14h-17h30

     Evening Hours: Not available
Technical and Scientific Assistant of Lapso: Sofia Frade
Contact: carla.frade@iscte-iul.pt


LAPSO (Social and Organizational Psychology Lab) is the laboratory used for Psychology research, discovery, and learning at ISCTE-IUL. It was formed in 2002 through a collaboration between the Center for Investigation and Social Intervention (CIS-IUL) and the Department of Social and Organizational Psychology of ISCTE-IUL (DEPSO). LAPSO encompasses the physical space of the laboratory, but also the associated equipment, materials, and staff. With the objective to promote the development of skills in performing Psychological research, LAPSO welcomes research developed by students at all levels of education (undergraduate, masters, and doctoral) associated with DEPSO, as well as professors and senior researchers associated with DEPSO and CIS-IUL.


LAPSO consists of a set of laboratory spaces with diverse equipment and materials optimized to meet the various technical and methodological requirements of a broad range of Psychological research.

LAPSO physical space for running experiments includes:

  • a computer lab with 8 units
  • 5 soundproof cubicles
  • 3 rooms for the collection of data with individuals or small groups
  • 1 focus group room including playing and recording video and sound, with an adjoining room with a one-way mirror for observation
  • 2 rooms equipped with physiological and eye-tracking equipment
  • 1 room designed and equipped to collect neurophysiological measures using an EEG system.

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