Sónia Gomes da Costa Figueira Bernardes

Sónia Gomes da Costa Figueira Bernardes
M.S. (2003) and Ph.D. (2008) in Social Psychology of Health (ISCTE). Assistant Professor with Tenure at the Department of Social & Organzational Psychology, where she teaches since 1999. Director of the Master of Social Psych. of Health (2010/2012). Currently, is Vice-Rector of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Research Interests

Fascinated by the (social) mind-body relations, most of her teaching/research has been dedicated to such issues. Her main research interests have generally revolved around social disparities in health and the influence of sex/gender on health and illness. She has mainly explored these issues in relation to a particular health-related topic – (chronic) pain.

Her current main lines of research aim to:
(1) understand the psychosocial processes that account for health-care professionals’ (gender and social status) biases in the assessment and treatment of a patient’s pain;
(2) explore the role of social support in the promotion of functional autonomy among (older) adults with (chronic) pain.  

Relevant Publications

Lima, M.L., Bernardes, S. F, & Marques, S. (2014, Eds.). Psicologia Social da saúde: Investigação e Intervenção em Portugal (Vol.1). Lisboa: Sílabo.

Bernardes, S.F., Silva, S., Carvalho, H., Costa, M., & Pereira, S. (2014). Is it a (fe)male pain? Portuguese Nurses’ and Laypeople’s´ Gendered Representations of Common Pains. European Journal of Pain, 18, 530-539.

Bernardes, S.F., Costa, M. & Carvalho, H. (2013). Engendering pain management practices: The role of physicians’ sex on chronic low-back pain assessment and treatment prescriptions. The Journal of Pain, 14, 9, 931-940.

Matos, M. & Bernardes, S.F. (2013). The Portuguese Formal Social Support for Autonomy and Dependence in Pain Inventory (FSSADI_PAIN): A preliminary validation study. The British Journal of Health Psychology, 18, 593-609.

Bernardes, S.F., & Lima, M.L. (2011). On the contextuality of sex-related biases in pain judgments: The effects of pain duration, patient’s anxiety symptoms and judge’s sex. European Journal of Pain, 15, 950-957.

Bernardes, S.F., & Lima, M.L. (2011). A contextual approach on sex-related biases in pain judgments: The moderator effects of medical evidence and patients’ distress cues on nurses’ judgments of chronic low-back pain. Psychology & Health, 26, 12, 1642-1658.

Bernardes, S.F., & Lima, M.L. (2010). Being less of a man or less of a woman: Perceptions of chronic pain patients’ gender identities. European Journal of Pain, 14, 194-199.

Bernardes, S. F (2010). Sobre a Contextualidade dos Enviesamentos de Sexo nos Julgamentos de Dor. Lisboa: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian/ Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia.

Bernardes, S.F., Keogh, E., Lima, M.L. (2008). Bridging the gap between pain and gender research: A selective literature review. European Journal of Pain, 12, 427-440.


Project Coordination

2014-2015: INTEGRA 1.0: Promotion of Research/Teaching Integration at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities. Funded by ECSH/ISCTE_IUL.

2013-2014: A versão portuguesa do Breakthrough Pain Assessment Tool (BAT_P): Tradução e Adaptação cultural [The Portuguese version of the Breakthrough Pain assessment Tool (BAT_P): Translation and cultural adaptation]. Funded by Laboratórios Vitória S. A.

2011 -2014: Dor, autonomia e envelhecimento [Pain, autonomy and ageing].

2010-2012: Sex-related inequities in judgements and actions towards others in pain: The moderator role of contexts. Funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (PTDC/PSI-PSO/099809/2008).

2007-2009: Implicit theories on chronic pain and gender: From health-care technicians to patients. Funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (PIHM/PSI/63505/2005).




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