IV International Congress CADIn

Community, Education and Development

19-21 March 2020
New Technologies and Inclusion: E-motion, E-ducation, E-volution
IV International Congress CADIn. 19 - 21 march 2020 . ISCTE-IUL

While new technologies generate new opportunities. The richness and diversity of the ongoing technological innovation provide us with an unparalleled quality of life. We are now more than ever, equipped with tools that multiply our physical and intellectual capacities, give us immediate access to unlimited information, revolutionized communication and its limits, and subverted interpersonal, work, and power relationships.

We change our world faster than we change ourselves. What opportunities are new technologies offering us? What dangers do they hide? How are they transforming families, social and love relationships, jobs and free time? Does anyone know how to be a parent in the digital age? Do we know how to be teachers in the era of screens, the Internet, chats and posts?

We will cover the most diverse topics of scientific and clinical relevance, from the neurobiology of learning to the new addiction pathologies related to the internet, including therapeutic innovations in neurodevelopmental disorders, new approaches for the inclusion of people with disabilities in school and work and dilemmas of contemporary parenting

Join the IV CADIn International Congress
and come to think and discuss with us the lights and shadows of a future that has already arrived!

Find more and register at: https://www.congressointernacional2020.cadin.net/





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