To become a member of CIS-IUL

CIS-IUL is a research centre that aims for excellence, seeking regularly to extend and renew its team of national and international collaborators in the field of psychology. CIS-IUL welcomes researchers who can contribute to the strategy of the research Centre and to its unique position in the national scientific and technological system through the relevance of their research and the excellence of their curricula.

The affiliation with CIS-IUL allows the integration in one of our research groups and the participation in regular meetings to discuss the latest theoretical and methodological aspects of the area as well as planned and ongoing activities of the researchers belonging to the group. Courses, seminars and workshops on different themes in which members are invited to participate are also offered on a regular basis. Membership in CIS-IUL allows access to research-related infrastructure and equipment of the Laboratory of Social and Organizational Psychology (LAPSO) as well as the technical and administrative support of a permanent staff and a range of services from ISCTE-IUL.

The affiliation with CIS-IUL requires that the Centre appears as the host institution for all project applications, publications and other knowledge dissemination activities.

The Scientific Commission is responsible for the admission of new members under the conditions presented below:

Conditions for admission

CIS-Iscte has three types of members: Full Member, Associate Member and Collaborator.

Researchers interested in becoming members of CIS-Iscte should send  (1) a letter explaining the alignment of their work with CIS-Iscte mission and with the mission of one of its research groups, the potential contribution to be made, and expectations for their association with the Center (2) a selection of their 3 most significant publications, and (3) their full CV.

Applications must be submitted by sending an e-mail to the Board (paula.castro@iscte-iul.pt) with CC to the general CIS e-mail (cis@iscte-iul.pt).

The applications will be considered by the Board of CIS-Iscte, in consultation with the Scientific Commission. The decision may involve an interview.

Non-members applications to competitive calls, both national and international, with CIS-IUL as a host institution, require the previous approval of the candidate by the Scientific Commission.


Applications for new members will be accepted from July through September; applications received at other times will be considered only in cases duly justified by the deadlines of national or international calls.

Review of Applications

The Scientific Commission’s review and decision will be guided by the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the researchers' expertise for the strategy of CIS-IUL
  • Excellence of the researchers’ CV
  • Contribution of the applicants' research interest to the research groups and thematic lines of CIS-IUL

Notification of the decision

By December of the same year, individuals will be notified of the decisions regarding their applications:

  • Accepted as full member to be include in the updating of the research team that is open every year in March, by FCT, for members accepted until the 31st of December of the previous year;
  • Accepted as associate member in cases where the relevance of the researchers' expertise is recognized but the CV does not reach the level of excellence and / or the contribution to the research groups and thematic lines is modest;
  • Non accepted in cases where none of the selection criteria are satisfied.

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