About CIS

 CIS-IUL is the research center with the highest concentration of social psychologists in Portugal and one of the highest in Europe.

Internationally CIS-IUL is recognized for its contributions to fundamental and applied research in areas such as:
  • intergroup relations
  • social justice
  • social relations of gender
  • social cognition
  • embodied cognition
  • emotions
  • psychology of health
  • environmental psychology
  • community psychology

The mission of CIS-IUL is:
  • to produce excellent research on social psychological processes;
  • to maintain a reputation as a centre of excellence and innovation for research in social psychology;
  • to offer high quality training for the public, as well as for young researchers (PhD, masters and specialization programs, Summer Schools);
  • to maximize resources available to researchers by providing grant proposal writing and submission support, with the goal of maximizing success in competitive national and international calls for funding from a broad range of sources;
  • to develop and maintain strong and stable collaborative partnerships with enterprises and public organizations;
  • to link research with society by using research methods and results to help solve social problems through the development of interventions and partnerships and by improving the dissemination of research results; and
  • to provide the highest quality research conditions possible.

Welcome Guide CIS-IUL

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Email: cis@iscte.pt
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