CIS-IUL is integrally involved in the delivery of research training to students in every cycle within ISCTE-IUL. Our mission includes integrating research into teaching as well as teaching into research.


Doctoral Programs (3rd Cycle)

The ISCTE-IUL Psychology Doctoral Program, coordinated by CIS-IUL, promotes advance training, autonomy and excellence in research in psychology with the highest international standards in fundamental research and theory development as well as applied research addressing societal problems. It attracts highly talented young researchers, many with competitive scholarships, but also many working students.

With state-of-the-art research, rich connections with leading international experts, long-standing training experience, active science policies, and up-to-date infrastructure and facilities, CIS-IUL provides excellent training conditions and diversified learning opportunities.

PhD students are fully involved in CIS-IUL. Cis-IUL supports students financially in data collection, conference travel and publication awards.  Student projects are regularly discussed with national and international researchers within the research groups. Supervisors are highly qualified, internationally connected, with strong methodological skills, extensive scientific productivity and highly ranked publications. Many students are co-supervised by international experts and spend part of their time abroad.

The program was recognized in 2014 by FCT as excellent and awarded 16 scholarships. Moreover, it is one of the pillars of the FCT funded Lisbon PhD in Social Psychology (LiSP) with UL (ICS and Faculty of Psychology), ISPA, and CIS-IUL, as the proponent institution and administrative host.

Master Programs (2nd Cycle)

All of the Master Programs in the Psychology Department of ISCTE-IUL are coordinated by CIS-IUL members, and many students work as research assistants during their master degree on projects hosted or funded by CIS-IUL. These Master Programs include:

In addition, CIS-IUL members are integrally involved in the delivery of an interdisciplinary Master entitled Studies of Environment and Sustainability, with a CIS-IUL member currently coordinating.

Bachelor Program (1st Cycle)

Bachelor students in the Social and Organizational Psychology Bachelor at ISCTE-IUL also have the opportunity to work as research assistants during the semester on projects hosted or funded by CIS-IUL. These students are also frequently participants in the laboratory research run by CIS-IUL researchers and PhD students, through the student subject pool.

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